About Us

What is the Library Guild?

The Pelham Library Guild is a group of volunteers who act as advocates for the Pelham Public Library.

Although we feel that we have a good library, we know we can have a GREAT library if we can all work toward a common goal.

The Pelham Library Guild is seeking the formation of a foundation which will have 501-C-3 designation from the Internal Revenue Service making it a tax-exempt organization. With this status, the Guild will be able to pursue support through grants awarded from national foundations and donations from businesses. Any gift donated to the Pelham Library Guild is a way to involve the entire community in the continued growth and improvement of the Pelham Public Library.

The Library Guild is a volunteer organization focusing on library advocacy for the Pelham Library, which strives to attain excellence in patron service by providing educational, cultural, and recreational resources. Guild members have an excellent opportunity to assist in the improvement of services offered by the Pelham Library.

Join today and help make this library and this community the best it can be!

Debra Parrott, President

Some of the accomplishments of the library guild have been:

  • The Guild awarded college scholarships to four recent Pelham High School graduates.
  • Volunteers assisted Valley Elementary during first two weeks of school
  • Guild Members visited City Council meetings
  • Guild Members visited local businesses to promote the Big Read
  • Library Guild hosted four Big Read events
  • Volunteers participated in RBC Bank's "Creating Better Communities"
  • Library Guild hosted a Governor's Candidate Forum
  • Volunteers have assisted as library volunteers contributing over 1,200 volunteer hours of service!
  • Members assisited with the planning and prmotion of the first annual Taste of Pelham. 

Why Continue to Improve the Library?

Pelham citizens take great pride in their library and the changes that have taken place. The Mayor and City Council have generously given financial support to the library and library staffing, as a result, collections and programs have greatly improved over the years. Now, with a good library in place, it is time to take the Pelham Library to the next level and make it a true community information center comparable to the libraries in other cities the size of Pelham.

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